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Carillon, Huntington, Long Island

Now He’s a Believer

When Joseph F. Carillo, Sr., first heard about the benefits of gas-fired Combined Health and Power, he was skeptical. As the Director and partner in Carillon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Huntington, Long Island, he felt he should approach this significant energy investment cautiously.

“After hearing from All Systems Cogeneration Inc., of Bay Shore, about what Combined Heat and Power can do,” he said, “I wanted to see a working installation for myself. We went to look at the closest nursing home to us that has this system. We wanted to see how small it was and if it was quiet enough for our purposes.”

“We liked what we saw. It sounds like a small lawn mower, which is perfectly fine for our application. We decided to go ahead with it.”

Additional key factors in the decision to install were the energy audits and feasibility studies which were provide by KeySpan Energy Delivery. Less than six months later, All Systems Cogeneration had Mr. Carillo’s nursing home using natural gas to generate its own electricity. The system also handles most of the thermal energy for their laundry, cooking and domestic hot water for both buildings at the 315 bed facility.

The gas-fired Combined Heat and Power systems (formerly known as “cogeneration”) which is serviced by All Systems, has been extremely reliable since its installation in January 1998, and the reduction in energy costs was immediate and substantial. The system is yielding net savings in energy costs of $79,413 a year. The saving will pay for the systems within 2 ½ years.

“We were apprehensive at first,” said Mr. Carillo. “but we’re more than pleased with the result. So far everything we saw in the original proposal is happening right on the button.”

Hillside Manor, Jamaica Estates
Sea Crest, Coney Island

Brothers in Savings

Stanley Dicker and Daniel Dicker are bothers who have more common than you might think. Each holds doctorate in engineering science from Columbia University and each is a licensed professional engineer. Stanley owns two nursing homes and Daniel is a partner with a third brother Ernest, a former CPA, in three other nursing homes for which Ernest is the Executive Director.

They have converted their all-electric nursing homes to gas-fired Combined Health & Power. “I looked into gas equipment,” said Dr. Stanley Dicker, “because I heard that gas units are now available for providing Combined Heat & Power for smaller buildings such as nursing home.”

When he saw the numbers, it was an easy decision, he said. “For example, at Hillside Manor Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center, my 400-bed facility in Jamaica Estates, Queens, we’re saving $119,036 annually on energy costs. The savings will pay for the cost of the gas equipment in 2.17 years. That’s an unbelievable payback.”

The system provides over one million kWh of electricity every year as well as all of the facility’s domestic water. Hillside Manor also uses gas for cooking and laundry services. All Systems’ computerized maintenance system continuously monitors the equipment to ensure trouble-free high efficiency operation.

Ernest and Daniel are also achieving major savings at Sea Crest Health Care Center, their 320-bed facility in Coney Island, Brooklyn. There, the savings are $63,740 a year, which will pay for the gas equipment in 3.4 years.

All Systems Cogeneration Inc. designed and installed Sea Crest’s system in only six months. It produces 60 kW, and the thermal energy from the gas system is recovered and used in the kitchen, laundry and the heating systems, as well as for domestic hot water.

The Combined Heat & Power systems at both Hillside Manor and Sea Crest are compiling outstanding track records for reliability as well.

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